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1111a1-08If you’re like many of my clients, choosing the right window treatment is a confusing process.  Trying to decide between the type of window treatment that would work best for you, your home and your windows, and then finding just the right fabric, is sometimes enough to make you feel like having the entire window just walled off!


It’s never easy to choose the right window treatment.  However, here are a few guidelines to help you get started.  First and foremost, you must decide what you want your window to do.  Once you’ve conquered that decision, half the battle is over!  Ask yourself a few questions.  Does your window provide a lovely view that you wish to enhance?  Does your room need the natural light the window provides?  Would you prefer to disguise a not-so-lovely view?  Do your windows seem too small for the size of your room?  Are the windows in your room mis-matched in width and length, and placement on the wall?  Because there are so many design options available to creatively solve any window challenge, it’s important you consider function first.window1


Take this window opening as an example.  Perhaps your window opens to a lovely view and you have absolutely no privacy constraints.  The rule in this case is “the simpler, the better”.  One design idea for your custom window treatment might be topping the window with a richly colored and designed top treatment, and then framing the window with stationary side panels. 


window2Here’s another creative design solution for another window challenge.  Perhaps you are dealing with extremely narrow windows, and your desire it to give them more prominence in your room.  By hanging window treatments beyond the actual frame of the window, these same “thin” windows will take on a “larger” presence in your room.


And if your dealing with shorter windows, a window treatment hung from floor to ceiling will add the height you desire.


All in all, there are a myriad of design choices available to solve even the toughest of window design challenges.  By doing your homework, and working with a professional decorator, your solutions will be exciting to explore.

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