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lamp1Light definitely affects color – so it’s wise to check your colors by both daylight and artificial light before making a final decision.


Your first consideration in selecting the appropriate lighting should be the natural light that comes in through you.  If your home features larger windows, then you would have the option to focus your ultimate color selection on a variety of bright dramatic shades.  And conversely, the smaller the windows are in your room, might lead you to choosing lighter color shades.   


And, don’t forget to take into consideration the direction that the windows in your room face.  Windows with a northern or eastern exposure ultimately mean the light in the room will be cool – so selecting a warmer color palette will give you a much friendlier room.  Southern or western exposure provides your room with more direct sunlight, so, ultimately the light in these rooms will be warmer.  Here bright colors will appear more intense, so you might consider utilizing a cooler color scheme to help your room become appear calm and relaxing.

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