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Decorating with stripes gives you the opportunity to experience tremendous versatility in your room.  They can make your room look bigger or wider, more serene or bolder.  But as often happens in decorating your home, too much of a good thing can sometimes be bad.  Here are some great tips to help you maximize the impact of using stripes in your next decorating project!

  • Watch out for wide stripes with dark or bright colors as they can be very overpowering in smaller sized rooms. 


  • If you love stripes and have a small room – perhaps using bright bold striped patterns in small quantities would be the perfect design solution!


  • The larger the room, the wider the stripe you may use. You will definitely create a dramatic impact in a large room by incorporating a wider stripe – either in a wall treatment, drapery, or furniture upholstery. 
  • Conversely, a narrower stripe works particularly well in smaller rooms with lower ceilings.  You will definitely give these rooms a much larger and pleasing appearance.


  • Dealing with a two story wall in your home?  Adding a vertical striped wall covering, or paint treatment to this very large wall, will draw unnecessary attention.  The wall is already very long, and a striped wall or drapery treatment will make these large dramatic walls seem even larger and more present in the room.  Rather, you might opt for a bold, dramatic color, or a textured paint finish on theses types of walls to better highlight this wonderful architectural feature in a more understated manner.

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