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Light Up Your Life with the Right Lighting!

 In addition to knowing which colors are the most flattering to you, it’s also important to take into consideration how natural and artificial light will affect your desired color scheme.  First consider how much natural light enters the room, and for how long a period during the day.

 In sunny rooms with a southern exposure, cool colors will be more pleasing than warm ones; hot yellows and reds will produce an unpleasant glare during a large part of the day.  These colors are more effectively used in rooms that face north and need the warming effect of sunny colors.  Darkening the room by covering the windows doesn’t help- it just makes all the colors in your room look dark and gloomy.   The window treatment you use will definitely affect the amount and quality of natural light in your room, and therefore your color scheme.

 Artificial light can affect colors even more dramatically.  Generally, standard incandescent bulbs give off a yellowish light.  Standard fluorescents create a cold and harsher light.  However, many different tints of bulbs are available in both types of lights.  Using the right tint in the bulbs you select will definitely help you control the way your colors look in artificial light.

 Red light makes pink or red hued walls look grey; blue tinted light makes them look purple; yellow light makes them look red-orange.

 Blue light makes blue-tinted walls look grey; red light makes them look purple; yellow light gives them a greenish cast. 

Yellow light makes yellow walls look grey; red light makes them look orange; blue toned light makes them look unpleasantly greenish

 Red light makes green walls look grey; yellow light makes them look bluish green; blue light makes them look yellowish green. 

As you can see, the effect of different colors is not always predictable, but throwing a light of one color on a wall of the same color will always tend to neutralize that color and ultimately make the wall look dull and grey.  Definitely not a pretty picture!

So, once you select your color scheme, be sure to carry through with a lighting plan that will enhance and compliment the effect you have in mind.  The right light will make or break your décor!

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