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I am so often asked for picture hanging tips.  How high should a piece of artwork be hung?  How low?  How do I create a gallery wall of artwork?  Where should I hang my family photos?  The questions go on and on and on!  So here are a few tips you might want to incorporate when you face your next picture hanging dilemma.

First of all, there are only two types of arrangements to consider: symmetrical and asymmetrical arrangements.  Symmetrical arrangements highlight equal size, weight, height and placement of artwork.  So typically they tend to give your room a more formal feeling. 


Asymmetrical arrangements, on the other hand are a bit more formal in nature, because they typically are designed to be “off center”.


Also, when arranging gallery walls, you will find that an odd number of artwork or photographs are more visually pleasing than an even number of objects.  And, arranging your gallery wall in varying heights will definitely make your entire room décor more visually pleasing and interesting.


Once you’ve opted to create either a symmetrical or asymmetrical artwork arrangements here are some tips that will help you arrange and hang your artwork displays.

Step One: Lay your artwork, or framed photo on top of butcher block paper and trace around all sides of the frame.

Step Two:  Cut out your traced image.

Step Three:  Arrange your cut out images on the wall in a display you find pleasing, and then tape them in place. 

Step Four:  Step back and survey your arrangement.   This is very important if you are creating a gallery wall.  Be sure you’ve placed your images at the correct height.  Once you’re pleased with your artwork arrangement, you can proceed to step four.

Step Four:  If the artwork your hanging has a picture wire in back – measure from top of your frame to the top of the wire (be sure to pull wire taut).

Step Five:  Take this measurement and make a mark on traced paper image for proper placement of hanger.

Step Six:  Hang! 

Step Seven:  Sit back!  Relax!  And enjoy!

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