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Most of the time, you know when something is wrong with the look of a room, but you might not be able to figure out exactly what it is, or what to do to correct it.  Sometimes you will see rustic and informal furnishings side by side with elegant formal pieces.  In other instances, you will find a lack of harmony between the sizes of furniture in a room.  For a more pleasing view, remove furniture that upsets the mood of the room and replace it with compatible pieces, both in size and in feeling.

 The principles of design are harmony, proportion, balance, rhythm and emphasis.  Of them all, harmony is the most essential to a pleasing composition.  Why?  Because creating a harmonious living space is exactly what good design is all about. 

Exactly what is harmony, you ask?  Simply defined, harmony is the pleasing and orderly arrangement of all design parts so that they form a consistent and satisfying whole.  Because one of today’s strongest design trends leans toward an eclectic look, creating a harmonious room design in your home can be done by mixing a variety of design elements.  It’s certainly a wonderful option when an eclectic look is desired.   But, if you end up with a single element or two out of harmony with everything elese in the room, you’ll end up with a bit of a confused and unpleasant look. 

For instance, a rustic looking ladder back chair would be completely out of harmony with the slim elegance of a classic Georgian console.  But an Early American butterfly table would work very well with a French provincial piece, because both are simple, country type pieces.

Therefore, it’s key in planning your new room design that you create harmony between the sizes of different pieces of furniture you select for your new room.     It’s important to remember that when you decide to mix different periods or styles of furnishings, that your pieces all be in the same or similar mood – that is, either formal or informal, gay and frivolous or serious, dignified and formal.

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