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Accessorizing your home – with well chosen accents, accessories and artwork is like adding frosting to a cake!  Accessories – of all shapes and sizes – speak to who you are – what you truly enjoy – and allows your personality to shine through in every room.  Here are some GREAT accessory tips you might want to incorporate if you’re in the mood to give your home an accessorizing uplift!

1.  PERSONALIZE your home with art and accessories!  A real must for every decor!









#2.  REPEAT a color at least three times in a room – in varying degrees of intensity!

#3.  RELATE your art to its surroundings.   Art prints placed about 6″ to 9″ above a sofa will create a more interesting and unified look!

#4.  COVER two thirds of the space above your furniture with one or more pieces of art to achieve proper proportion!







5.  POSITION artwork at “eye level” to look at the center of your art from either a sitting or standing position!

6.  VARY the height of table top accessories for balance and interest!

7.  CREATE a formal look with symmetrical groups of art.  Create an informal look with asymmetrical groups!









8.  PLACE mirrors so they reflect something beautiful.  Use them to add dimension and expand space or reflect light in a room!









9.  DISPLAY art on easels to create interest in corners, bookcases or on table tops.

10.  CUSTOM frame artwork to coordinate with room decor.  Select a frame that compliments the decorating style of your room.  Then select mat colors that enhance both the art and color scheme of your room.



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