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Color abounds in all sorts of ways – from painting your walls or adding excitement to them with  dramatic wall covering!  Furniture and accessories add a tremendous about of color and texture to any décor; and carpeting along with area rugs can sometimes be your room’s broadest expanse of color.  Here are a few color tips to help you on your way!

C Capture your room with excitement!  If your room/s showcase any type of unique architectural feature like a 2 story wall – a fireplace wall – or even if you want to call attention to one wall in a room – nothing will capture that room’s excitement better than color!  Wall covering – even artwork – as well as paint can provide any design plan with just the right touch of drama and excitement.







O – Optimize and enlarge your room’s appearance!  Most people feel that white walls will help a small space take on a larger appearance.  Actually, because white reflects the available light in your room, often times your space may seem a bit smaller due to the shadows reflected.  Especially if a small room has little available natural or artificial lighting.








L – Light up your life! There’s no doubt about it!  Color sets the mood for every single room design.  How often have you entered a room that just seems “right”, and you were immediately filled with a sense of well being.

O- Outstanding brights!  Reds are a strong stimulating color.  Bright purples are stately and impressive; Greens are calming and restful; Oranges are cheerful and happy; Yellows are sunny and bright.  Add some spice to your décor with some fabulous BRIGHTS!







R – Relax & Enjoy!  After all is said and done, remember one thing.  There is no such thing as a bad color – only bad combinations of color and personal likes and dislikes for certain colors.  Color is like seasoning.  It brings out the best in every décor!

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