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Few things can rekindle your spirits on a gray, rainy or snowy day like a home’s interior bathed in warm, welcoming light.  In fact, good artificial lighting is known to have such a positive effect on ones’ moods and well-being that some consider it preventive medicine!

There are three primary types of lighting: general, task and accent.  Used in combination in a single room, they can make a small room appear larger, direct one’s eyes toward a specific area or object, and create differing moods at various times of day.

General lighting is the basic component of interior lighting.  Replacing sunlight, it provides an area with overall illumination, and is usually achieved with fluorescent or incandescent lamps.  This type of lighting can be found in a variety of areas in your room: on the ceiling in a beautiful chandelier, or as recessed lighting or pendant lights; on the floor as an attractive floor lamp; and on table tops as a glowing, decorative accessory.

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While general lighting should provide a comfortable level of brightness, it often leaves reading or work areas in the shadows.  So, if you find this lighting challenge in your home, then task lighting is the solution.  As its name suggests, task lighting illuminated areas where specific tasks are performed.  For instance, lighting installed under kitchen cabinets to illuminate your countertop work space are a form of task lighting.

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Accent lighting is used to create drama and usually focuses on a particular object in a room, such as a painting, plant or piece of furniture.  It can also be used to highlight a dark corner.  Attractive wall sconces, small table lamps or track lighting are all ideal accent lights.


Just remember, good lighting will brighten up not only your home, but your spirits as well.

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