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If so, there are many things for you to consider before beginning your buying adventure.  Things like the size of the piece, how it will be used, and the type of wood, color and finish you would prefer.  You’ll also need to think about the construction of your furniture, which will help you see if the price is right.  Here are some important considerations you might want to investigate before you purchase.

Furniture can be made of hard woods (maple, ash, oak and walnut) or soft wood, like pine.  Trees that lose their leaves are hard woods.  Trees that retain their leaves are soft woods.  If you’re looking to add a desk to your newly designed home office, a pine desk might not be the perfect choice – unless you use protection on the desk top.  Scratches and dents are very visible, and easy to accomplish with soft wood furniture.

Furniture can also be solid wood, laminate or veneer.  Laminate is a layer of wood or other product that is applied over a wood frame.  Veneer is composed of layers of wood applied again and again over a wood frame.  Veneers give a variety of patterns to the wood, which definitely tend to make furniture more exciting.

Check out the drawers.  In well constructed furniture, they should be smooth to the touch on all sides.  If the drawer is rough, chances are the quality may be also.  How are the corners of your drawers joined?   Dovetail joints are common in quality construction, but must be done on all four corners.  In addition, corner blocking should include double dowels, which have been screwed and glued into place.  Corner blocking in this manner is a cornerstone of quality construction.

Granted, you have a lot to think about when looking for wood furniture for your home.  But when you make the right, quality selection, with the help of the professional decorators at Decorating Den Interiors, you will have a piece that will be perfect for your room – and will last a lifetime!


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