Decorating Den Interiors modifies 48-year business model to help seasoned and millennial designers

Interior designers, whether established professionals or designers fresh out of school, can establish or maintain their personal brand identity yet take advantage of the Decorating Den Interiors proven structured business model which offers prenegotiated wholesale pricing from more than 135 leading home décor industry manufacturers. The curated manufacturers’ products are identified as the LIVV Home Collection™ containing more than nine main product categories including:  fine furniture, custom window treatments, bedding, wall coverings, floor coverings, lighting, accessories, closet systems, and outdoor furnishings. The LIVV Home Collection™ ( alleviates the struggle of sourcing based on budget by rating each vendor as good, better, best to luxury brands.
“Decorating Den Interiors is committed to sourcing the best vendors and establishing trusted relationships providing designers fashion forward brands with some of the most favorable pricing that vendors typically charge design professionals such as designer pricing or ‘to-the-trade’ discounting. That increased buying power helps to increase their profit margins,” said James S. Bugg, Jr., CEO and president of Decorating Den Interiors.

In addition to the benefits of the LIVV Home Collection™, Decorating Den Interiors provides a proven client development system, access to proprietary web-based customer relationship management software, extensive marketing support including supplier-based quarterly promotions, email marketing, social media development and content marketing, ongoing training and education, an incentive program, and an annual conference showcasing the latest LIVV Home Collection™ marketplace. As if those perks aren’t enough, Decorating Den Interiors increases editorial exposure through a yearly contest in which designers compete for additional public relations and exposure in national publications.
Leads are generated from a variety of national and local marketing activities and franchise partners enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded design professionals across the U.S. and Canada.
“After 14 years of success with our CPI Interiors business and working for a large home furnishings retailer,” Jerome Pulcine, said. “My wife Catherine and I have been thrilled with the substantial benefits that have allowed us to more than double our business volume over the last five years operating as CPI Interiors- Decorating Den Interiors in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
“Testimonials such as Jerome’s and Catherine’s, along with others in the professional design industry, show that designers can adopt the business model of a Decorating Den Interiors franchise while continuing to using their existing name or identity as a primary brand on vehicles, online, and throughout all marketing. Being flexible with branding and the choice to include or omit vehicle branding allows even the most successful seasoned interior designers access to Decorating Den Interior business practices and perks along with saving them time and money while also providing access to the LIVV Home Collection™ pricing and vendor relationships that many could not acquire on their own, all while generating a substantial amount of new customer acquisitions,” said Bugg.

 “Real estate and financial services franchises use this model to enable established agents and brokers to grow,” Bugg said. “In these cases, the individual agent or broker has his or her name more prominently displayed on signage and other marketing materials. We are using the same approach for owners of existing interior design businesses.”

“In certain cases, these interior design business owners may qualify for a financial incentive that can also be beneficial to them,” he added.
“Interior designers also can expand their business by serving a wider range of clients through our combined lead generation program, national advertising and public relations that most designers cannot afford on their own,” said David Haseley, vice president of merchandising and marketing. “Our breadth of suppliers enables our design professionals to focus on and serve clients with a wide range of budgets with ease of separating suppliers based on LIVV Home Collection™ pricing.
“Working with more than 135 suppliers means we have the products consumers want. Our complimentary design consultations marketed in major national consumer publications such as Traditional Home, ELLE DÉCOR, and Veranda combined with organic client interest for entire projects or quick room makeovers allows designers to stay focused on creativity while increasing their sales and productivity,” Haseley added. “Window treatments, statement pieces of furniture, outdoor space furnishings, closet systems, and customized bedding can be delivered and installed in the clients’ home in a timely manner. As a large buying group in the home décor and furnishings industry, we ensure our franchise partners and their clients have a great experience.”
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