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At Decorating Den Interiors we love working with color!  Why?  Because color sets the tone and the mood for every single room in your home!  Nothing can add more drama, more excitement, more peace or more tranquility than COLOR!   Here are a few tips you might consider when thinking about selecting a new color scheme for your home!

1.Forget the rule that white will make a space appear largerWhite will only reflect the available light.  If you have a small room with little light, it will reflect the shadows, making the space more desolate.

 2.  Select cool colors for a relaxing interior.  They tend to slow us down, and give us a calm feeling.

3.  Need a little energy?  Then warm colors are the ticket because they tend to be very stimulating. Yellow, for instance, is associated with the mind and actually stimulates mental activity i.e., yellow legal paper and yellow Post-It notes.

4.  Need a little more balance in your life?  Then give green a try.  Green is the only color that has no effect on the physical system, because it contains both warmth (from yellow) and coolness (from blue).


5.  Bright colors are fast paced. If your life isn’t, then adding some bright colors to your surroundings might give your energy a little boost.

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