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Today’s home furnishings fabrics and designs are often color coordinated to help you take the guesswork out of your next decorating project.  Fabrics, wall coverings, area rugs, bed linens, accessories, and yes, even lampshades feature a wide variety of motifs and patterns….all designed to work in harmony as you work to create your room’s new “look”.

But, no matter the design, motif or pattern, the common denominator in successfully creating the look you want to achieve is COLOR!

So how do you begin selecting color for your next project?  Why not start by playing favorites – and selecting colors your comfortable with.  Even if your favorite colors might not work as a major player in your new room, you could possibly consider using that favorite color as an important accent shade.

Here are some tips of helping you “hone in” on your perfect color selection:

1.  Take a look in your closet!  What colors do you see in your wardrobe that you particularly enjoy?  Pastels?  Dark jewel tones?  Neutrals?  Bright, lively shades?  Doesn’t it stand to reason that the very colors you’re attracted to in your wardrobe, might just be the perfect shades to consider in re-coloring a room?

2.  Take a look around your room.  Is there an accessory, piece of art, even an area rug that “speaks” to you?  Entire room designs have been beautifully accomplished by focusing on one simple multi-colored vase.

3.  What’s your personal style?  Do you enjoy a more casual lifestyle?  Perhaps the contemporary style is more “you”.  Knowing your style will give you an important clue as to the color options you might want to consider!

Once you’ve done your homework and decided on your perfect color palette, be sure to select one dominate color, a maximum of three adjacent  hues, and a dramatic accent color to complete your overall color scheme.


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