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You’re probably think the dining room is the easiest of all rooms to furnish.  Once you have your table and chairs, that’s all there is to it!

And while that’s the biggest part of your overall dining room plan, it’s far from all.  It’s important to provide for the comfort of your guests, and the convenience of you, the host and/or hostess.  I have found that there is usually a big problem unique to this room!  Any ideas what that might be?  To me, as a decorator, it’s  keeping the overall décor of this room warm and inviting despite all the inevitable wood that usually ends up taking center stage.   Providing a successful mix of wood dining room pieces, along with window treatments, area rugs and lighting  takes careful consideration and planning.

Chairs alone are a far from simple choice.  Massive ones tend to take up too much space and will overpower a small dining room.  Well-designed chairs that are stylish and comfortable are a must.   Also, it’s a great design idea and creates wonderful visual interest when you mix upholstered slipper chairs with wood toned chairs.

Fine dining tables come in all shaped and sizes.  Naturally, the size you select should fit both the room and your family, and, ideally, be designed for easy expansion.  Round and oval dining room tables provide for an ease of conversation that most of my clients find very appealing.  Also, expandable tables, with drop leaves, built-in extensions, board inserts, and the like are all extremely practical.  Today’s designs take up little “closed” space, and can instantly be enlarged when guests are expected.

It’s also extremely easy and convenient to have silverware, linens, and serving pieces stored right in the room.  A sideboard, chest or armoire will not only give you the storage you require, but will provide another gorgeous decorative element.

And let’s not forget your dining room windows!  If your design style tends to lean toward the traditional, then draping your windows in luxurious side panels or even an elegant swag and jabot treatment, will help provide this room with another great focal point.

Whether you’re hosting a Sunday brunch for 6 or a midnight snack for 20, versatility and comfort should guide you toward the best furniture and design plan to ensure that you and your guests are dining in style!




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