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You’re about to embark on a great adventure – decorating a room, or possibly a whole house.  Or perhaps, at the moment, you’re interested in improving one particular area, to make it more attractive and more livable.  No matter.  Any project that involves the wonderful world of color, the fabulous furnishings and accessories that are now available, the marvelous materials for floors and walls devised by modern technology, is an exciting undertaking.  So exciting, in fact, that many homemakers are dazzled and bewildered by all the possibilities.

The big question is usually, “Where do I begin?”  Just pick a color and plunge in?  Start with favorite pieces of furniture and plan around them?  No, not yet.  Such considerations come second when you begin any decorating.  YOU come first.

YOU and your family, as individuals are a unit.  The way you live, the way you relax, the way you entertain.  Your likes and dislikes; your physical needs and aesthetic requirements.  YOU probably spend more time in your home than any other member of the family.  It’s your background and it should reflect your personality. 

 So analyze yourself, your family and what you want your home to be, and then begin your decorating process.  And don’t forget to call in a professional interior decorator.  He or she will be able to save you precious time and money as your home makeover begins!

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