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“Economically scaled” – or smaller homes – can present big decorating opportunities.  Bungalows, ranch-style homes, townhouses and condominiums offer the decorating challenge of using available space efficiently and beautifully.  Just be sure you don’t short change your decorating tastes because your spaces may be a bit smaller!

First of all, consider selecting furniture that is scaled to your room size.  Smaller scaled furniture can make a small room seem a great deal larger.  In a living room, for example, you may want to choose the cozy look of coordinating love seats instead of a larger sofa and chair combination.  Staying away from coffee tables and opting for a glass topped tables are good options to consider because the eye continues to travel through a glass surface giving your room a more spacious feeling.

Since pale, softer colors tend to recede, the lighter the wall and floor colors, the larger a room will seem.  However if your room features a lot of natural light, you could actually be a bit more adventuresome with your color choices – and add a little more drama to your walls.  Traditionally it’s common in smaller rooms to paint ceilings lighter shades than the walls.   This actually helps to give the impression of visually taller walls or a higher ceiling.

One of the many benefits of smaller rooms, is that you will always feel cozy and comfortable!  So take a few of these ideas into consideration when you create the inviting, warm and expansive look you want in your own small space!

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