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Selling a home can be an emotional and nerve-wracking roller coaster ride – but there are things homeowners can do to simplify the process.  Some basic decorating principles can be applied to help improve the attractiveness of the property and help to speed up the sales process.


From a decorating perspective, the ultimate goal you should set for your home  is not at all what it would be if you were just moving in.  Rather, your task is to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and ask:  “What needs to be done to make this home truly livable for me and my family?”  What you want to do is make the home as appealing as possible, but with a neutral background so that any serious buyer can visualize his or her own belongings in place.


Perhaps your realtor has already told you to tidy and straighten closets, cabinets and store rooms.  It’s also important to have carpets and tile cleaned.  Removing excess clutter is a must.  But there’s even more you can do if a speedy sale is your goal.  Take a good hard unemotional look at your carpet or tile flooring.  Has it seen better days?  Is it a bright color that works for you, but maybe not a potential buyer?  Remember a floor’s fresh new appearance in an easy to live with color is the fastest spruce up available.  Often times, adding a new area rug can be of help if disguising a problem areas.


And how about a fresh coat of paint?  Naturally a neutral hue – consistent throughout the house would be the perfect solution to tired, worn walls.  It’s very difficult for a prospective buyer to “get past” your warm coral walls, when they try to picture their soft blush pink sofa in the room.


Window treatments can also affect your home’s sale-ability.  Once again, simpler designs done in a beautiful custom style are best.  It’s a real plus to a potential buyer to find a home with attractive quality window covering compatible with the buyer’s taste.


Don’t be afraid to ask your interior decorator to take a walk through your home prior to listing it.  She or he will be able to offer you a variety of simple suggestions that should help make your home sale process a lot less painful!


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