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Webster defines harmony as, “agreement between the parts of a design or composition giving unity of effect or an aesthetically pleasing whole.”  Harmony, or lack thereof, can definitely apply to interior decorating.

Have you ever walked into a home or a room that just seemed to be at odds with itself?  Often times this happens because casual and informal styles of furniture are arranged side by side with elegant formal pieces. Perhaps you feel a lack of harmony because the sizes of furniture featured in the room are not proportionate to the size of the room in which it’s been placed.   Or, maybe the artwork is hung too high to be pleasing to the eye.  Does the room seem dark and gloomy to you?  That could be because it’s been improperly lit for maximum enjoyment.

How do you solve unhappy design and room harmony?  Perhaps, simply rearranging your furniture by transferring pieces from room to room can make a huge difference.

Often times,  one unifying piece of artwork can help to pull unlike pieces of furniture together.  Re-selecting furniture, that’s of the right size, shape and design is a great solution, as is painting your room a unifying color that can be found in the room’s upholstery or drapery fabric.  Lighting can play a major impact adding harmony to your room.  A new lamp, or even a pair of decorative lamps can add a fresh new perspective to your room’s design.

Notice how the use of color, pattern and scale gives this room a beautifully harmonious feel.

Soft shades, pattern and texture help give this room such a pleasing appearance. Notice how the scale of the furniture complements the room’s decor.










Lighting, color, furniture size, and artwork, all combine in harmony in this living room’s design.

There’s never a better time than now to thing about how you can add some pleasing harmony to your room’s décor!  After all, wouldn’t it be wonderful to return from a day’s work, walk into your home and feel happy, peaceful and uplifted?  I think so!

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