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Ever have a problem hanging artwork or arranging various prints on your walls?  Often time, selecting the right artwork for the rooms in your home, can make a huge and dramatic difference in your entire room’s feeling and ambiance.   Here are some tips on arranging your artwork with an aesthetic eye.

Hang artwork at eye level.    In a living room pictures should be hung so that people sitting in the room may view them while seated.  A large picture behind the sofa may end up being as little as four inches from the top of the sofa and it often looks best when displayed alone because it serves as the room’s focal point.

Effective artwork groupings. Smaller pictures become more effective when grouped together as opposed to being scattered all over the wall.  Balance and spacing are important when arranging artwork.  Pieces should be of similar visual weight as nearby furniture.  A rule of thumb is that the space between two pictures should be less than the width of a single picture.

Proportion is key.   As in all decorating, a sense of proportion is essential in placing artwork.  The size of the wall and the size of the furniture beneath are important factors.  A large painting in a heavy frame would look top heavy over a small, delicate piece of furniture.  And conversely, a single small print will look lost over a heavy piece of furniture.

Hang artwork right – the first time!  If you’re apprehensive about hammering nails into your walls, cut pieces of paper into the size of your pictures.  You can even mark the placement of the hooks using this technique.  Then arrange them by taping them on the wall until you are happy with the results.  Once you are satisfied, mark where the hooks will go with a pencil, going right through the paper, and proceed to hang your artwork.





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