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More than anything else in your home, accessories add a little bit of your personality to each and every room!  Not only will they help your rooms come alive with pop and pizzazz… accessories also do a great job of reflecting your tastes and those of your family!  Can you just imagine a room without artwork, accent lighting or decorative accents?  I sure can’t!

Simply stated, a home without accessories is like food without seasonings!

Most people truly enjoy shopping for accessories!  Perhaps you’re an avid collector of travel mementos – or antique books.   Maybe artwork is your passion – or Tiffany lamps.  Whatever types of accessories you chose to incorporate into your design plan, you need to consider just that – a PLAN! 

Here are a few tips you can use to create your very own accessory plan.  They are guaranteed to help you display your treasures beautifully and decoratively!

1.  Always try to arrange small groups of objects in odd numbers.  Rather than displaying 2 pieces – a decorative lamp and a crystal vase – you need to add one more piece – perhaps a small tray or decorative plate to complete the vignette.  Accessory displays done with odd numbered pieces are much more pleasing to the eye.  Be sure to count every piece in your vignette to accomplish this goal!


2.  Try to vary the heights of your accessory displays.  Old books are a great way to help you achieve varying degrees of height in your overall plan.  This option is particularly helpful when arranging table top displays!  Again, our eyes crave visual movement – so creating a “peak and valley” type of accessory plan does the trick – beautifully!

3.  Mix and match your accessories for more visual interest.  For instance, a display of family photos would be much more interestingly displayed if all the frames were of different metals or materials, and differing heights and sizes. 


4.  Add a touch of Mother Nature – where appropriate!  Don’t go overboard with live plants or silks.  Just a touch of green usually does the trick to fill in a bare spot in your accessory plan.

And above all, let your imagination soar as you enjoy arranging your prized possessions.  By adding some “spice” to your design plan, you’ll be sure to add the decorative finishing touches each room craves.

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