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Color psychology takes on added significance in the dining room because color, research clearly shows, profoundly influences appetite.  Did you know that changing a restaurant’s color scheme has been known to make a failing success restaurant a success, despite their excellent food?

 Clear colors have the same stimulating effect on appetites as they do on atmosphere.  Blue is particularly restful, encouraging leisurely meals.  Full-strength red is exciting and to be used with discretion, but lighter shades, such as rose, or pinkish hues are pleasant to eat by.  Yellow is it’s usual gay and sunny self.  Neutrals tend to liven up dining rooms with positive and effective color splashes.


In the presence of food, stick to clear lighter shades of green.  I also recommend avoiding shades of purple such as lavender and violet, as they tend to be appetite suppressants.  Likewise, using drab colors in your dining room décor are rarely successful.

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